A pretty interesting bunch of people from different backgrounds and professions. The atmosphere was friendly, professional and welcoming.

Looking forward to next time. Way to go! Thanks for organizing.

The most happening professional Asian group in NYC!

This was the friendliest group of people I have ever met!

group consisting of energetic professionals of all age-groups. lets keep it going!

great organizer – great group :>

I had great time and looking forward for the next time.

It is great! Thanks! I had a big fun there!

They all are nice.

If you like meeting people and sharing ideas, this is the place to be.

Thanks to Rich & Eric. this was great Meet up. see you next month.

Well organized with plenty of interesting people to meet. Very casual. Don’t worry if it’s your first time. Organizers Rich & Eric will take great care of you.

A good mix of people with always someone to talk to. Very friendly people. Met lots of first timers (I was one as well) and the repeaters were eager to introduce themselves and others.

This organization have members in all different fields with their unique personalities, you will meet lots of interesting people while enjoying a nice cold drink after work.

This group seems extremely diverse in terms of personalities and industries.

I am glad I came to this meet up and met a lot of nice people, hopefully will become my new friends.

you can meet cool and interesting peopl and network..no really..

Asian American events are all about great food, great people, and Karma. People should come dig it.

If you’re Asian and looking for a good time with fellow Asians… this crowd aims to please.

Easy going crowd, laid back venue.

great meetup group. have attended 2 meetups and networked with a lot of interesting, outgoing people. well-organized, nice venues. highly recommended.

Nice group. People are friendly.

This meetup is great for all Asian with common interests. Perfect if you want to socialize but haven’t for awhile.

Cause when it comes to meeting people in this group…it’s so easy, even a caveman can do it!

Great way to meet others of similar backgrounds!


Hey Asian Professional,

How are things in ? Hope you enjoyed last month's events -- thanks for making them a success!

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